Maritime Transport


Intel International Transport and Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti. It was founded in 2008. in which the overseas transportation from abroad to Turkey and to provide transportation to any location in the world to INTEL single customer, creating the optimum time and opportunity cost of using the compound as a transportation model.

Intel’s transport strategy, customers are always in a manner consistent with all the expectations, is based on the delivery of products where necessary.

if they have the infrastructure necessary to perform its customers INTEL also be sold in the context of the purchase of inventory strategies of customers belonging to the customer on paper.

Once sales are made, INTEL, billing Amedaki administrative processes, revenues detection processes, in all fields import-export certification and standards to deal with all legal issues takes on its own responsibility.

INTEL GROUP, Cyprus will build a 92,000 square meter area in the yard and the property company will build luxury yachts and ultra-luxury yachts will be found in at least 24 mega-yachts of up to 100 meters wide mass production.

This yacht companies in Bulgaria will be found and similar traces of the famous brands. In addition, it will be spent on the construction of five chemical tankers and cargo tanks in the yard lines. boutique hotel in the resort, a casino and a marina will be located.

Cyprus plans to build a shipyard in 12 hatlık available. 8 line vessels, mega yachts will be divided into the fourth line.

Customers in a hotel will be built by the shipyard will see better service for Bulgaria. Hotel and shipyard costs will be around $ 60 million.