In 2000, one of the INTEL GROUP and leading construction companies worldwide Italian CMC di Ravenna company has signed a partnership agreement for 10 years and INTEL GROUP’s board of CMC di with the head of Ravenna’s chairman ARMANDO DE ROI signed a joint project agreement. In addition, the CMC di Ravenna company Central Asia, signature authorization certificate has been made to Turkey and the Turkic Republics will work. Besides, there are many construction projects under the joint signatures.

INTEL GROUP Iraqi Ministry of Transportation has received a $ 1.3 billion railway construction project, the payment of this project is guaranteed by the United Nations.

Our Goals

There are construction projects and contractors at local and international level, to enter the sub-contractor agreement, take over or to transfer; project to undertake the design work, to provide contracting services, located in the feasibility and profitability studies, architecture, and provide technical advisory services.

Local and international level, housing, tourism, infrastructure, facilities, power plants, dams, factories, shops, business center, bridge, port, located in the highway construction. imports of the main materials used in construction and other materials used in outdoor installations, situated in the marketing and export jobs.

without compromising quality engineering in the realization of this work. giving primary importance to quality control at every stage of our business, our priority is to follow the philosophy of technological developments.

Burj Al Fateh Complex

High Speed Railway Milano-Bologna Section

United Nations Conference Center