Under the umbrella of the United Nations, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil oil purchase agreement with SOMO, has reached an agreement on the refining and sales. 
INTEL GROUP, ANTALYA PETROLEUM LTD. Co. gained the rights and immovable property.

INTEL GROUP and Venezuelan origin of a company, Venezuelan Energy Ministry (PDVSA) has won the tender worth $ 1.7 billion through oil extraction. This agreement is guaranteed by the Venezuelan Central Bank. Projects length of 5 + 7 years. The first volume of oil extraction agreement is for 5 years, $ 1.7 billion in 12 different locations. If the second part of the protocol includes a $ 2.8 billion tender.

Our Goals

situated in the purchase and sale of liquid fuels and mineral oil at local and international levels; fuel tanks and petrol stations set up for this purpose, and to operate them, rent, situated in sales when necessary.

The construction and maintenance of the service station, located on the installation and operation. imports of fuel, located in the local trade and exports.