Change Exchange

Intel Exchange offers currency exchange services at 23 countries 41 cities. Our opening hours cover all countires, 365 days a year.
Currently we have 41 operational exchange and transfer branches.

A wide range of services, designed just for you

Intel Exchange is an innovative company, continuously seeking means to improve the quality of the services we provide to our Customers in each step of their journey: before their journey, during it and on their return.
Ranging from our online money orders with collection at the airport or tax-free services, we are always innovating for your convenience.

At Intel Exchange we have been offering currency exchange services for the last 20 years. Over 7 million people a year change currency with us at International companies and major hotel chains across 21 countries. Customer satisfaction is our aim: 98% of our Customers claiming to be satisfied or highly satisfied with our services.
In Middle East, Asia, Europe and America we have 41 exchange branches.