intel-in Construction and Trading Co. Inc. which is the first and pioneering company of intel Group of Companies was founded as an international general contracting company in 2001 and made a name for itself with many large-scale and high-tech international projects since its establishment.

During the period between 2000-2020, Intel-in Construction and Trading Co. Inc. shifted its activities on the international platform to oil producing countries, particularly to the middle East and Europe, through Engineering-Procurement-Construction based “Turnkey” projects; and their achievements granted the company an outstanding position amongst International Turkish Contractors. As a result of the position attained in the 2000s, Intel-in Construction and Trading Co. Inc. expanded its activities to the Russian Federation and member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States through its subsidiaries. In 1991, just 10 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the company awarded with the first construction contract in Turkmenistan and became one of the first western companies to operate in the region. In the 2000s, Middle Eastern and Northern African countries became the primary focus of its area of activity. During the same period, the company sustained its domestic projects at full speed along with international projects and added several projects in its portfolio within the scope of Turkey’s major superstructure and infrastructure investments.

As of 2019, Intel-in Construction and Trading Co. Inc.’s field of activity has expanded to 15 countries in three continents thanks to its superior technological and administrative infrastructure, leading position in the construction industry, over 10,000 technical and administrative staff, strong machinery-equipment park and financing capabilities. Intel-in Construction and Trading Co. Inc. which was founded as an Istanbul-based company in 2000 and moved to its new headquarters in England in 2015 is the core company of Intel Group consisting of nearly 35 affiliates and partnerships, and that it continues to follow the important projects in almost every branch of sector with its completed reference projects portfolio around 4 Billion USD Dollars and ongoing projects exceeding 1 Billion USD Dollars. Intel-in Construction ranked in the World’s Top Global Contractors and The World’s Top International Contractors published in the “Engineering News Record” magazine of USA.

Intel-in Construction and Trading Co. Inc., with its broad area of expertise, holds a significant role in the achievement of major infrastructure and superstructure projects across the globe. The activities of Intel-in Construction in the Headquarters and Projects are regularly inspected and certified for compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System by an independent international certification institution, accredited by UKAS and TURKAK.

Through its works briefly mentioned in this catalogue, Intel-in Construction and Trading Co. Inc. is carrying the justified pride of its successful history to the future with the same youthful and dynamic spirit as the very first day.

Burj Al Fateh Complex

High Speed Railway Milano-Bologna Section

United Nations Conference Center