Ocean Freight Forwarding

Intel Group serves solutions with its expert staff in all international ocean freight forwarding procurement actions. Our company provides services at European standards with its capacity fulfilling all needs in logistics. Intel Group, one of the companies minding environmental pollution and aiming to decrease this pollution which may occur to the minimum, succeeds professional service with its experienced staff in all operational services it offers.

Trust in International Ocean Freight Forwarding
Intel Group, one of the leading companies in the world, provides forwarding your products to the delivery ports through expert cargo and logistics teams with its international ocean freight forwarding service. Our company offering appropriate storage methods for delivered products takes an active role in keeping them securely.

With our international ocean freight forwarding service,
With our international ocean freight forwarding service, we provide fast, economical, and on-time transfer to ports across the world. Our company offers transoceanic routes, regardless of if it is the Middle East, Africa, or India. Thus, you can experience professional transportation by taking advantage of regular service potentials organized weekly.
We offer secure solutions for your transfer processes thanks to service packages of FCL (Full Container Load) and LLC (Less than Container Load).

Full Container Load (FCL);
It covers containers with sizes that can be completely loaded. This freight service is proper to use for transporting the rather large, heavy, and outnumber containers between the international ports. Due to its financial advantages, it is a frequently demanded transport method since it can be loaded at once.

Less than Container Load (LCL);
It is a service method using containers for loading goods, which are few in number and light freights, and personal belongings or goods of multiple customers. Preferring reasonable price advantages and having options for indirect or direct services have increased the use of this service method. Import and export transportation is carried out with Less than Container Load (LCL) easily by delivering on time.

Permanent Assurance for Your Products
You can use wide container diversity for overseas transport by taking advantage of Intel Group’s potentialities. Among general services, we also offer potentialities such as delivering document reports in the requested time and optional reporting system. We serve you to have experiences of reliable service through actions such as Ocean Customs Brokerage, buyer consolidation, deconsolidation, reservation, and order management provided as additional service. The transport insurance is in the position of a secure transport guarantee in the period starting from delivering transported goods to the company until forwarding to the destination.

Our company continues to serve you with European standards allows your cargo to arrive safely at the ports thanks to its powerful and extensive agency network. There are options such as inventory or door-to-door transfer for transferring goods. You can check out services in which you can easily find economical solutions for all demands and needs and request the service by defining an appropriate one among various options.
Our company serves high-quality service while its low cost for your global transfers responses to the personal demands of its customers and solution partners by its high-powered structure. If you ask for experiencing comfortableness of cooperation with an expert company on international ocean freight shipping, our professional team will always be waiting for serving you!