With its a company, Intel Mining, Intel Group is now one of the leading brands in the mining sector.

Mining in Turkey
Though her full potential has yet to be tapped, Turkey is considered a mineral-rich country and mining is among its most developed industries. Among 132 nations internationally, Turkey ranks number 28 in mine production efficiency and number 10 in mineral variety. It holds 2.5% of the world’s raw industrial material, 1% of its coal, 0.8% of its geothermal energy, 33% of its marble and 0.4% of its metallic mineral reserves. Boron is the mineral found most extensively in Turkey, which holds 72% of its total global reserves.

Marble and natural stone account for the largest shares in the Turkish mining sector, accounting for about 50% of the country’s total mineral exports. Copper and chromium also account for significant shares of the total mineral exports, followed by feldspar and boron.

With a total marble reserve equaling 5.1 billion m³, Turkey holds 40% of the world’s marble potential. Of this 5.1 billion m³ (equivalent to 13.9 billion tons), about 1.6 billion tons are proven and this would be sufficient to meet the world’s demand for 80 years. Turkey produces many types of marble reserves and more than 120 types in varying colors and patterns have been identified to date.

Intel Group in the Mining Sector
With its a company, Intel Mining INTEL GROUP aims to establish itself as a leading brand in the mining sector. Currently, it pursues mining and exploration activities throughout Africa , Albania and Turkey

Future Plans
Through its company, Intel Mining, Intel Group aims to continue its steady growth in the mining sector by expanding the variety of its products without compromising its high quality and service standards.