INTEL MEDIA was founded in 2005 by the INTEL GROUP OF COMPANIES,

In 2005, INTEL GROUP chairman and chief executive of Fashion TV have reached an agreement with Michel Adam, INTEL MEDIA Fashion TV has become one of the partners.

Radio Fashion, Fashion Magazine, Fashion Entertainment Portal rights, except for satellite and cable broadcasting rights have been transferred to Sabancı Holding at the end of 2007.

In 2007, the concept of three different INTEL MEDIA Fashion Music Entertainment brought together under the name and established FM TV. INTEL MEDIA’s corporate policy is to reach an audience of four continents and employs the best editors.

Bant Yapım was founded in 2009 by the INTEL MEDIA . It made a very fast and noticeable entrance into the television industry with smash hit entertainment shows during the first years of private televisions in Turkey. In the year 2009, Bant Yapım took an innovative step and adapted the ,marking its place as the first production company in the world to adapt a US series. Bant Yapım has also adapted many worldwide popular programs in Turkey with great success such as broke rating records inTurkey.

In the past decade, Bant Yapı. has moved towards producing more scripted content, especially dramas. It has produced many successful adaptations of foreign scripted series such as

In recent years, two korea drama formats have been added to Bant Yapım’s noteworthy adaptations with great ratings.

INTEL GROUP has multiplied its production capacity by parenting other production companies including Intel Media and Bant Yapım.

Today INTEL MEDIA is recognized as one of Turkey’s biggest content producer.